Listed below are some new publications from the evaluation of Scotlands
smokefree legislation:

Ritchie D, Amos A, Phillips R, et al. ‘Action to achieve smoke-free
homes – an exploration of experts’ views’ /BMC Public Health/ 2009; 9:

Akhtar PC, Haw SJ, Currie DB, et al. ‘Smoking restrictions in the home
and second-hand smoke exposure among primary schoolchildren before and
after introduction of the smoke-free legislation.’ //Tobacco Control// 2009

Akhtar P, Haw SJ, Levin K, et al. Socioeconomic differences in
second-hand smoke exposure among children in Scotland after introduction
of the smoke-free legislation. //Journal of Epidemiology and Community
Health// 2009

Pell JP, Haw S. The triumph of national smoke-free legislation.
//Heart// 2009 Editorial //(In Press)//////

Ayres JG, Semple S, MacCalman L, et al. Bar workers' health and
environmental tobacco smoke exposure (BHETSE): symptomatic improvement
in bar staff following smoke-free legislation in Scotland.
//Occupational and Environmental Medicine// 2009; 66: 339-46

Pell JP, Haw S, Cobbe S, et al. ‘Association between second-hand smoke
exposure and survival following acute coronary syndrome: prospective
cohort study of 1,261 consecutive admissions among never smokers.’
/Heart/ 2009

Semple S, Naji A, Haw S, Ayres J. ‘Care home workers' exposure to SHS: A
Short summary of findings.’Occupational and /Environmental Medicine
/2009; 66: 639-640

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