Associations & NGOs for Tobacco Control in German speaking countries and beyond

Austrian Council on Smoking & Health
European Network for Smoking & Tobacco Prevention
German Action for Peace & Children's Rights
German Alliance for Nonsmoking
German Alliance on Noninfectious Diseases
German Cancer Research Center (
German Children’s Fund
German Physicians' Working Team on Smoking & Health
Help Children in Need,,
Nonsmokers' Protection, Austria,; Germany,,; Switzerland
Prevention of Addiction, Austria,,; Germany,,,; Switzerland
Respiratory Societies, Europe, Austra, Germany,, Switzerland,
Smokefree Healthcare, Global, Austria, Germany, Switzerland
Smokefree Partnership
Stop (tobacco industry watchdog) offers help, includes,
Tobacco-free portfolios:
Unfair Tobacco,
U.S. based associations: Action on Smoking & Health, Truth Initiative
Women Against Tobacco:,