The Austrian consultation process was driven by 3 major steps:

  1. Online survey

418 young people participated in this survey. The survey consisted of two parts, about the view of the Austrian youth concerning European politics and smoking.

  1. National conference

50 young selected Austrians participated in the conference on March 18th, 2006. The goal was to gather the opinions and feelings about smoking and to develop future strategies dealing with smoking (based on the online survey).

  1. Online forum

The Austrian manifesto draft was presented in an Online Forum and everybody was invited to give his feedback on the draft. The goal was to keep the process open as long as possible.

In the following we will present you the outcome of the Austrian consultation process, in short.

Our Vision

In 2020 smoking should not be considered anymore as the norm, but non smoking.


  1. Improving the protection of minors

An environment should be created to protect minors from influences which lead them to start smoking.

  1. Improving prevention activities

Creating prevention activities, which really catch the young people interests

  1. Increase the protection on non-smokers

Raising the awareness of smokers concerning the risks of second-hand smoke

  1. Keeping the liberal aspect of “the European dream” alive

The decision to smoke should stay in everybody’s own responsibility.

Actions and Proposals

  1. Protection of minors

    1. Aggressive pictures (e.g. lung cancer, larynx cancer) on cigarette packets in Europe

    2. Banning all ads (TV, radio, billboards) for smoking

    3. Buying cigarettes only with credit cards at vending machines

    4. Reserved price for cigarettes

  1. Improving prevention activities

    1. TV ads should be serious (as in the USA) and not ridiculous (like the Help campaign)

    2. More funding for prevention activities (e.g. training of teachers, movies) which already take place in grammar schools.

    3. Funding NGOs which are active in this area

    4. Creating peer activities (learning from other young people)

    5. Including celebrities for prevention activities

    6. Tobacco taxes should be only used for health programs

  1. Increase the protection on non-smokers

    1. Separate areas for smokers in bars and pubs

    2. Smoking bans in public places with areas for smokers

    3. General smoking ban in restaurants

    4. Special license for smoking restaurants

    5. Smoking ban in offices

  1. Keeping the liberal aspect of “the European dream” alive

    1. Areas for smokers

    2. Smoking areas for pupils (older than sixteen) on High schools

    3. Keeping an eye on the economic impact of smoking bans on jobs


The outcome of the consultation process was that Austrian youth does not want to have a manifesto, which is completely against smoking, because we believe it is everyone’s own decision to smoke or not. The proposed actions should make it possible to realise the vision that non smoking becomes the norm.