Document A901268 "What Have We Learned From People? A Conceptual Summarization of 18 Focus Group Interviews On The Subject Of Smoking." recommends a strategy for attracting young "starters" to cigarette smoking:

Thus, an attempt to reach young smokers, starters, should be based, among others, on the following major parameters:

- Present the cigarette as one of a few initiations into the adult world.

- Present the cigarette as part of the illicit pleasure category of products and activities.

- In your ads create a situation taken from the day-to-day life of the young smoker but in an elegant manner have this situation touch on the basic symbols of the growing-up, maturity process.

- To the best of your ability, (considering some legal constraints), relate the cigarette to 'pot', wine, beer, sex, etc.

- Don't communicate health or health-related points.