Betreff: Re: Condemnation of the Battle of the Mind competition
Von: "Joel Gitali"
Datum: 20.12.2020, 07:16
An:, Helal Ahmed <>

This invasion of institutions of learning by BAT must be, ruthlessly,  fought off globally. The same program has been going on in Africa for sometime now. We waged war against it in Kenya in 2019 to early 2020. Universities were very cooperative. The problem here is that organizers of this evil program do it by involving learners individually in their private capacities. They do not collaborate with or seek permission from the management of the institutions or the relevant Ministry. This makes it hard to counter or completely stop their gorilla like tactics.

We cannot ignore such acts of aggression by tobacco industry. Educational institutions are key to the quality of people we nurture. It's wrong to expose the learners to toxic information and create in them positive attitude towards killer products. We must act on this as ruthlessly and as swiftly as possible. Governments must take responsibility.

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On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 23:56, Helal Ahmed

Condemnation of the Battle of the Mind competition

To encourage young people to smoke, the British-American Tobacco Company,Bangladesh is organizing a program called Battle of the Mind by involving young people for a nefarious purpose. This type of event is a name to attract the youth to tobacco / smoking

BAT,b Earlier, it was trying to attract the youth to smoke through a campaign called Youth Prevention Campaign.
On December 14, the so-called Battle of the Mind competition organized by the British-American Tobacco Company. `Pratyasha’ Anti-drug’s club have expressed their concern at the participation of Bangladeshi Foreign minister,AKM Abdul Momen as the chief guest. It is mentionable that The Bangladeshi hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working to make Bangladesh tobacco free by 2040.
Existing Tobacco Control Law of Bangladesh prohibits social responsibility activities using the name and logo of the tobacco company and conducting any commercial activities directly or indirectly for the promotion of tobacco products or for the purpose of promoting tobacco use.
Even then, British-American Tobacco has been promoting tobacco products in educational institutions across the country since 2004 in the name of increasing the skills of unemployed youth. Helal ahmed,secretary general of `pratyasha’ anti-drug’s club request the Prime Minister to take forward the dream of building a tobacco free Bangladesh by 2040.
Earlier, Dhaka University suspended the 'Battle of Mind' in the face of protests by anti-tobacco organizations.
Even then they are secretly misleading young people on social media. On behalf of the Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance and the anti-drug organization 'Pratyasha', I urge the youth of the country to take necessary steps to stop this so-called competition of tobacco / smoking addiction. I request the Prime Minister to take forward the dream of building a tobacco free Bangladesh by 2040.

with regards.

helal ahmed
secretary general
`pratyasha' anti-drug's club
32/1,south muhsendy.wari,dhaka-1100,bangladesh.
e-mail:-  pratyashaclub
ph. 00-880-01920938259