Tobacco advertising in Germany

The smoke-free forum protested against the persistent prevention of a comprehensive tobacco advertising ban at the expense of health in Germany. With a drastic protest action in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate, the anger against politicians, who are not ready to act discharged. Tobacco advertising posters were torn off an advertising pillar and an oversized cigarette was attacked with sword and hatchet.

The Greens, Lisa Paus, member of the German Parliament and Catherine Pieroth, member of the Berlin state parliament, loudly took sides with a comprehensive tobacco advertising ban.

Johannes Spatz, physician and spokesman of the nationally active Forum smoke-free, criticized the irresponsible treatment of the tobacco industry by politicians and government. In Germany, every year 120,000 people die from the consequences of smoking and the government does not take effective action. Tobacco billboard advertising is banned in all other European countries, but not in Germany.

At the latest since 2010, the Tobacco Framework Convention would have required a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising. The government did not act. One got used to tobacco advertising as propaganda for death.

In 2017, the federal cabinet had passed a bill, which was then boycotted by the CDU in the national Parliament under toleration of the SPD until today. An initiative of the Greens in the Bundestag had no chance with the grand coalition. There is now information about a new start. Cigarette advertising on the streets should be banned, but where cigarettes are sold, can still be advertised. E-cigarettes and tobacco heaters would not be affected by a ban on advertising. And that's the scandal. It seems that lobbyism, party donations and generous benefits? are taking effect here. Ultimately, the relationship between the parties, the government and the tobacco industry has developed into a sticky mass where the health of the population no longer plays a role.



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