Biased on or bought by the cigarette industry?

Passionate fighters for nicotine products on the free market: Some may want to help the small group of smokers, who think that they cannot stop combustibles without e-cigarettes, some may be biased and disregarding the overwhelming results of independent research and others may be bought by the tobacco and nicotine industry. Some of the following names appear time and again in campaigns which seem to pretend to care about health, but in fact promote business with nicotine products and undermine the "end game" efforts. Some persons listed below founded special front groups for the tobacco industry like KAC, CAPHRA, CHRE, IEA, etc. and some are paid by FSFW (headed by the lawyer C. Douglas, who was sent before as a spy to FCA, Am. Lung Association, Am. Cancer Society, Michigan Hlth Dpmt) like BOTEC.

David B. Abrams, PhD; AdamSmithInstitute, London; Marion Adler, PhD; Jasjit S Ahluwalia, MD, MPH, MS; Sanjay Agrawal, MD, MBChB; Deborah Arnott, ASH-London; Philippe Arvers, MD, PhD; Frank Baeyens, PhD; Shamsul Bahri Mohd Tamrin; Scott D. Ballin, JD; Clive Bates, MA, MSc; Linda Bauld, PhD (social policy); Robert Beaglehole, MD, DSc, FRSNZ; Beem FM; Mihi Blair (Ngāti Whātua); Ruth Bonita, PhD; Alan Boobis, PhD; Anne Borgne, MD; Ron Borland, PhD; Botts Tanaia & David; Thomas H. Brandon, PhD; John Britton, MD (Nottingham); Dr Jamie Brown, PhD CPsychol; Jean-Pierre Couteron; Sharon Cox, PhD; Kenneth Michael Cummings, PhD; Lynne Dawkins, PhD; Jean-Michel Delile, MD; Dockrell E; Clifford Douglas, JD; Allan C. Erickson; Jean-Franšois Etter, PhD; Matthew Evison, MD; Konstantinos Farsalinos, MD, MPH; Antoine Flahault, MD, PhD ; Jonathan Foulds, PhD; Thomas J. Glynn, PhD; Ernest Groman, MD; Marc Gunther, Peter Hajek, PhD (Psych); Wayne Hall, PhD; Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, PhD; Thomas Hering, MD; Natasha A. Herrera; Delon Human, MD; Martin J Jarvis, DSc OBE; Martin Juneau, MPs, MD, FRCPC; Dr.Aparajeet Kar, MD; Leon Kosmider, PhD, PharmD; Lynn T. Kozlowski, PhD; Eva Kralikova, MD; Hiroya Kumamaru, MD, PhD; David Levy, PhD (Economics); George Laking, MD; Christopher E. Lalonde, PhD; Murray Laugesen QSO; Jacques Le Houezec, PhD; William Lowenstein, MD; Karl E Lund, PhD; Olivia Maynard, PhD; Andy McEwen, PhD; Ann McNeill PhD; Klim McPherson, PhD; Bernhard-Michael Mayer, PhD (Chemistry); Colin Mendelsohn, MD; Robin Mermelstein, PhD; Faares Mili, MD; Thomas J. Miller; Ute Mons, PhD (Economics, Sociology); Marcus Munaf˛, PhD (psychology); Raymond Niaura, PhD; Caitlin Notley, PhD; David Nutt, DM, FRCP, FRCPsych, FMedSci, DLaws; John Oyston, MD.; Riccardo Polosa. MD; Wolfgang Popp, MD, Konstantinos Poulas, PhD; Philippe Presles, MD; Public Health England PHE;  Lars M. Ramstr÷m, PhD; Vaughan Rees, PhD; Ailsa Rutter,; Rose Jed E; Steven A. Schroeder, MD; John R. Seffrin , PhD; Lion Shahab, PhD; Harry Shapiro, MD; Rajesh N. Sharan, PhD.; Michael Siegel, MD; Gerry Stimson,PhD; Martin Storck, MD (surgeon); Heino St÷ver, PhD (social science); Roberto A Sussman, PhD; David Sweanor, JD; Umberto Tirelli MD ; UKĺs Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency MHRA; Praneet Valodia, PhD; Natalie Walker, PhD; Kenneth Warner, PhD; Bernd Werse, PhD (sociology); Willette PN; Alex Wodak; Naohito Yamaguchi, MD; Ben Youdan.

Some more partners and accomplices of the nicotine industry may also be found here and in a  letter writing campaign aiming to disturb the COP-9 of WHO-FCTC in 2021, at 2023 conferences in Washington and Seoul and in blogs written by Philippe Poirson, Nancy Loucas, etc.. Remarkable is the fast and worldwide distribution of such campaigns by PR agencies. They also distribute biased studies, which serve interests of the tobacco industry, quickly and before peer review. So bought authors get much more attention than they deserve from a scientific point of view. Do not trust NGOs with ties to the tobacco industry! Do not rely on "perspectives", which are not based on data. Some believe that shares of wife or payment of travel costs do not need to be declared as conflict of interest.